For the purposes of this testimonial for your site Angel, I am going to omit my name. I will sign it Anonymous. however, I have provided the photo to make it authentic.

To anyone considering contacting Angel, I can tell you right now, she is straight from the heavens. I was in a place of destitute, agony and complete daily pain.  Now I am literally looking ahead everyday in front of me, smiling and awaiting what better things can come.

About my situation: I was stranded in no luck, and hubby out the door.  He was not even sticking around to let the door hit him in the you know what!  Running, is a better word for it!  In tears for nearly two months straight, I tried nearly everything I could think of, including going to his family myself.  I decided to give Angel a try after searching for a solution online.  I COULD SEE CHANGES WITHIN DAYS!  All I did, was follow her guidance, and we were able to get me and my hubby a new shot.

Thank you for everything and I hope this helps others find their way too!

-Name omitted for privacy.

There are so few individuals in this planet Earth with any sense of direction or care for other individuals!!  You far exceeded my expectations to a point I have new hope and new life! I am thrilled to be a part of my life now!

Julie is able to be happy and I am happy with her. We worked it out. We worked it all out and now we don't have to look in the past anymore. It is all about the future. A new future where all has been forgiven.  Cheers to you!

-Jonathon C. R., New England

I gotta say, Angel, you're a darn MIRACLE! You came into my life when I needed you most and you PICKED ME ON UP OUT OF THE SLUMS AND GAVE ME NEW HOPE!

The world needs to see about you, and hear about you, and you need to get out there and get a BIG NAME for yourself!  You are so SO SWEET! Thank you for always putting me first!

I am not a selfish person, but I am so happy that I had this SUPPORT SYSTEM !!! I don't know how I could have managed without it! GOSH I WOULD HAVE GONE CRAZY DEALING WITH IT ALONE!


-Channel Summers L. L.S.

Not many people I can relate to. that is why he is so important to me. and that it is so important that I got help.  You are a blessing to anyone.  and you were my blessing.

no one is perfect and I know I always made mistakes, but I did not think that he would actually leave me. that seemed far fetched. I was dead wrong. clearly dead wrong.  Your help has not gone unnoticed, or under appreciated.

I appreciate you Angelica and I have no problem with everyone seeing me, so they can finally see my smile.  I can smile for the camera again!

-B.M. (San Jose)

The Best Service in the Entire Internet! AWARD GOES TO ANGEL SANDERS!

Here is me, and I am happy in my home again, somewhere I was not welcome in before.

Malcolm took me back with your guidance, and I am positive I could never have done this without you.  Positive because I actualy already tryed without you.

We both see where that got me.  It will be fine now though, thank you from the roots of my heart here in boston!@

-Anonymous in Boston

Working two jobs all the time really breaks your back. It hurts your body and it takes a true toll on your soul.  That is how it is in the Mallory house here though up until the day I met you Angel, the day everything changed for me.  I no longer have to suffer, and I can afford to feed my baby, and I can raise my family, and me and my Justin can be together.  Without any interefernce. Thank you for stepping in and helping me when times were so bad.  Thank you for guiding me, and thank you for the healing you provided my heart. You, woman, are a true friend.

I am happy to have you in my life.

If you are going to post this on your website, you can post my email in case anyone needs to talk to me! It is *************@gmail.com.

I love you like a true sister Angel!

-Kathleen C. B.

Listen we can get real for a minute and just let me spill it in a way anyone can undersatnd. There are people who don't care at all about you, then there are people who do.  Angelica is one of those people.  I almost even fell in love with her, while she was helping me, even though I needed help ironically with love! She is just that type of person that EVERYONE ON EARTH LOVES.

Thnx Girl, and thank you for helping me work it out with Stacey.  We are going to be together for the rest of our life I can easily see that now, as long as I am good to her lol.

Don't worry, I will be.  Let the world know, let them see me, and hear me...and know when I say: THIS PERSON IS AMAZING! ANGELICA SANDERS IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!

-Kams Martinez NM

Im a normal girl and I have been given a bad deck of cards basically.  I had to raise myself and I had worked hard for everything i had ever earned.  and At the time of need, Angel came to help me.  She was someone who I take dearly in my life now, as someone of a friend.  I talk to her regularly and I am grateful for her everyday.  Thank you for entering my life and helping me out Angel.

-Jasmine Sugare, Y.K.

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